Frequent Questions

What is SIPEX exactly, and how does it help?


It is a carefully selected complex plant concentrate (grist) of high biological value. It contains altogether 21 different green herbs, oily seeds and other parts of plants.

It is a full value food. (10 gram = components of approximately 1.5 kg green plant)

Its special composition and its high raw fibre content facilitate the cleansing of the intestinal walls, the detoxication of the body. Its regular application is capable of preventing the development of new deposits, it keeps the intestinal system clean and it terminates the presence of fungi, harmful bacteria and parasites.

It helps in restoring the optimal functioning of the digestive system, moreover, it warrants the introduction of the nutrients indispensable for the body and their absorption into the bloodstream.

In general, it cleans the digestive system, the kidneys, the liver and the other organs. It ensures the absorption of the nutrients that are included therein, and their helping the building processes and the harmonic functioning of the body.

It contains large quantities of easily absorbable natural and indispensable nutrients, vitamins, amino acids, bioflavonoids, mineral materials, plant fibres, plant oils, plant alkaloids, and other macro and micro elements.

Its high protein and vitamin content has a positive effect on the body building processes.

Its continuous application facilitates and harmonises the natural physiological processes of the body. Upon its effect, the processes of the body will reach a close to optimal condition. The functioning of the body will be balanced and energetic.

Actually, SIPEX is a detoxicating product.

SIPEX is not "a product for intestine cleansing"! ...but as regards its effect, it also facilitates the implementation of the detoxication tasks of the intestines and of the body. It helps the work of the organ systems through its nutrients.

The purpose of the carefully selected composition of SIPEX is to introduce into the body high quality nutrients that correspond to the character of the body.

It was important that it had to be simultaneously a body cleansing product and a body regenerating and feeding mixture.

It is able to perfectly contribute to and satisfy the special nutrient demand of the body, thus improving its fitness and the general feeling of comfort.

In general, it cleans the digestive system, the kidneys, the liver and the other organs. It ensures the absorption of the nutrients that are included therein, and the contribution of these nutrients to the building processes and the harmonic functioning of the organism.

What does SIPEX contain?

It contains altogether 21 different types of green herbs, oily seeds and other plant parts.

IMPORTANT: It contains exclusively pure active agents extracted from plants. It does not contain any additives or artificial sweeteners.

Its active agents

  • plant fibres
  • vitamins
  • amino acids
  • plant oils
  • plant alkaloids
  • natural mineral materials
  • bioflavonoids
  • chlorophyll

Miért a SIPEX
Is SIPEX an officially tested product?

Yes, SIPEX is an officially tested product.

Since we experienced a wide interest of the society as regards establishing proper and simple nutrition, we considered it to be important to carry out all those tests that facilitate the marketing of the product, and which are indispensable for providing perfect data for the customer and for ensuring their safety.

Therefore, we ordered the testing of the accurate ratios of its components, and in line with the legislation we ordered the continuous testing of the quantity of living germs. And in addition to this, for the special request of the sportsmen groups and in the interest of their safety, we also have an accreditive doping and drug laboratory certificate for our product.

Our product does not contain any forbidden additives and doping agents.

What distinguishes SIPEX from the other products?

The answer is extremely simple, or maybe it is a little bit more complex.

1. It has a rather special composition compared to other products.

We started out from the fact that those vegetables and green plants are components of natural nutrition, which may be actually classified under wildly grown herbs.

In spite of this fact they are not considered to be among the components of natural nutrition in the case of other products.

2. According to our opinion and knowledge, a product does not have to be necessarily capable of only this or only that. In our case all that belongs together is manifested in a single product.

As regards the operation of many other companies we observed that from marketing aspect it is worthwhile to separate the components that would otherwise belong together, and then to sell them separately in boxes, and including them in one package at a high price labelled with 3-4-5 different product names, in a single Nice Big Box.

With the slogan that "the joint impact of several products increases the result of the cure". And yes, this is naturally an excellent method for obtaining “better and more abundant” revenues.

However, according to our opinion this is fully Unethical, since in this case the unsuspecting customer thinks that "very expensively (cheaply?!) – he made a good purchase " by purchasing 3-4-5 types of products simultaneously.

In our case we blended in one product all the components that belong together. And yes, we are selling in one box for the price of one box what has to be included in the price of the box.

Does one have to apply SIPEX as a cure?


SIPEX is a preparation that contributes to satisfying the needs that are due to natural nutrition required in our real everyday life.

Actually, Sipex had been developed for continuous consumption, and many people have been using it for years to their perfect satisfaction and without any problems.

Actually, Sipex had been developed for continuous consumption, and many people have been using it for years to their perfect satisfaction and without any problems.

How should I consume SIPEX?

It is extremely simple to consume it, and it may be consumed in many different forms.

We are glad to see that people experiment in order to find the form that is optimal for them.

1. simply in the form that is recommended either on the box or on the website.

2. dissolving it in 1-1,5 litres of water and drinking it during the day gradually.

3. mixed into muesli and consumed with it.

4. dissolved in the daily protein shake and consumed with it.

5. mixed with olive oil and then spread over a toast, with cheese and tomatoes.

6. mixed into boiled rice and with sauteed vegetables.

7. ...etc.

I think in the knowledge of the advantages of basic consumption, only creativity restricts the ways it is used.

(e.g. I saw someone mixing regularly Sipex into the food of his small Yorkshire Terrier, which the dog actually consumed with enthusiastically. Eh?! This is understandable, for supplementing its urbanised feeding that is distant from nature :) ...since the dogs know what is good :))

When will I feel the effect of SIPEX?

Actually, in their reports several people reported that they observed impacts already after the passing of 4-5 days. Sometimes the effects are hardly noticeable and simply the person feels himself better after taking it. However, sometimes, strong and remarkable effects may be noticed.

So, the effects are different, since each person is in a different condition:

- there are people, who do not notice any effects, then - after some months - they realise that they did not get the flu, when everybody in their surrounding did.

- then there are others, who noticed that their sleeping cycle improved.

- while others (e.g. sportsmen) noticed that they are more fit.

- there were people, who reported that they have to eat less and they are less defatigable.

- there was a person, who told the story that his stomach was sensitive and he had to always check what and how much he could eat, and then, after taking SIPEX for one-two months he informed us that he is able to eat even the “iron nails”!

...The “story” of other observations...

May I take SIPEX with medicines and other nutrition supplements?

There were and there are people, who consumed SIPEX while taking medicines, and who consume it this way even today. So far, no side-effects and no medicine incompatibility have been observed.

However, if someone is uncertain because of his medicines or he would just like to reassure himself in this regard, we advise him to show Sipex to his doctor and ask the doctor’s opinion as regards taking it! Asking cannot harm.

What side-effects may SIPEX have?

So far nobody reported any significant side-effects as regards its consumption.

However, due to the cleansing process of the organs, sometimes transitionally somatic symptoms can be observed, which will subside within a short time. (couple of hours, some days).

What they have observed so far:

- transitionally increased quantity of faeces (not diarrhoea)

- transitional stomach, abdomen sensitivity, lasting a few days, a couple of hours

- less sleep needed

- less nutrient needed

- one had to get used to taking it

- finding its green colour and consistency to be disgusting (subjective opinion)

Do I need to be on diet when taking SIPEX?

One does not need to be on a special diet, when taking Sipex.

According to observations, when taking Sipex, even without any additional diet, a more ideal nutrition and functioning starts to develop that takes into consideration the real needs of the body. We observed that people usually start to give up voluntarily nutrition that is inappropriate for them.

The body simply indicates if it does not need something already.
The body also indicates what is good and ideal for it.

If once your body will experience the advantages that are provided by proper meals, then later on, it will demand and indicate that is good for it.

A true example:
an alcohol addict girl started to take Sipex as a trial and after a couple of weeks she “complained” that she does not want hamburgers and she stopped drinking, which she had been doing regularly, on daily level, for years. Simply, she did not desire it, moreover, she was disgusted by alcohol when she tried to consume it, in spite of her desires. The body started to optimise and regenerate itself.

May I actually lose weight with taking SIPEX?

If your weight is not optimal, the body probably will take the steps in the appropriate direction upon the effect of SIPEX, which may even lead to someone reducing his fat reserves.

Overweight itself is actually the accumulation of toxic materials within the body, which is the consequence of inappropriate nutrition. Introducing too much nutrients does not mean that they actually contain the true and needed nutrients of the appropriate quantity and quality.

If we introduce the proper quality and quantity nutrients into the body, the needless body fat accumulation or chronic appetite accompanied by slimness will simply stop.

Both of these symptoms indicate a chronic condition, which will be changed and which will be optimised.

In which cases it is not recommended to take SIPEX?

At present, we are not aware of any case, in which we could not recommend the preparation.

It has to be mentioned that in the case of a serious illness we recommend you to definitely inform your doctor about your intention of taking Sipex. Moreover, in such cases, sometimes it is more wise to start with smaller doses and to check its possible effects in your specific case.

This product is not a medicine and it is not a medicinal preparation.

It is simply a close to the nature, natural material based nutrition supplement with effects that support excellently the physiological processes of the body.