The history and philosophy of SIPEX

I was looking for a solution to my abdomen and intestine system problems lasting for more than 10 years (stomach aches, reflux, acidification, tympanitis and the mental burdens and the feeling of bitterness due to this, "lactose sensitivity",) with alternating painful and difficult periods, endless medical examinations, treatments, taking medicines, mirroring, prohibitions, diets, perplexity of the doctors.

I think if a non-ideal condition develops, it may be terminated the same way as it developed. I simply knew that there has to be some kind of solution.

All of us are aware of the fact that taking medicines is a definitely uneconomic method and it is completely needless, if we are healthy. As far as possible the health problems have to be solved straight away, in the most cost saving manner. And the most efficient way to solve them is to prevent their development.

I studied the Eastern and Western conventional and traditional medicine, philosophy and other holistic healing procedures, nutrition sciences.

Being ill, the development if illnesses are not natural processes according to ancient and Eastern philosophy and traditional folk medicine of holistic approaches. (Developing and sustaining long lasting chronic conditions in the life of a person cannot be a target, moreover, it is definitely harmful.)

The thinking of these approaches is based on establishing a lifestyle that corresponds to the natural physiological processes and the nutritive input corresponding to this. This way treatment is not really separated from the naturality of the everyday life, since it considers a man to be a unit. Naturally, this includes movement, thinking, proper behaviour and the appropriate grooming of the body.

It is expressly important to keep our body healthy with the careful selection of the composition of the nutrients consumed, and with ensuring the physical movement it requires.

If the body is healthy, the souls and the spirit may perfectly manifest themselves through it, therefore “harmony” evolves in Man.

A SIPEX története
We could say that "give the body and the soul the nutritive that they deserve due to their nature!"

Developing SIPEX

I always knew that health and nutrition are closely interrelated.

I recognised that using herbs for nutritive purposes is the part of everyday life in many places of the world (the same way it was in folk nutrition in our lands in the old times). This may be recognised as being the basis of everyday nutrition, no matter whether one explores Tibet, China, India, Japan or any other countries, geographical sites, where the quality of life and the average lifetime far exceed the European norm.

I observed the functioning of the herbs and the application of the other therapies that are based on the above, and I was looking for the form that would be able integrate these recognitions into our everyday lives.

Simply, we have to return to natural nutrition in some way, of course in line with the specialities of our modern, accelerated society.

Based on these principles, I created about 10 years ago and I tested on myself my own product, which naturally underwent a continuous evolution during this process.

Before developing this product, I tried several existing products that promised healing and better life. The majority of these lead to “some” or to no success in the long term. In addition to this, I had to pay unrealistic product prices in the interest of achieving an effect the time and the form of which is undefinable. Actually, I did not need this, I needed a final solution.

My first therapeutic preparation of own development was a strong herb blend. This was compiled with the purpose of treating my own problems and it successfully terminated them.
(Within 2 weeks I stopped taking my medicines, and then, later on, together with all my problems, my “lactose allergy” symptoms also disappeared, in spite of the fact that allegedly I was in an untreatable condition.)

It was a great relief for me, since my body started to regenerate itself.

Several modifications were introduced following the first period, in order to reflect the changing of the demands. Thus, I changed the therapeutic character of the product, and I transformed it into a full value formula that can be used each day. This meant that the basic character of the product was kept, but it already contains several essential nutrients, proteins and other substances that are indispensable for the body.

On the basis of the experiences and facts a straight path lead to the development of an approximately perfect nutrition supplement, which includes all the necessary and perfect food sources, the complex nutrients, and which is the key to health.

Its operation is based on the harmony of the body and the soul.

Thanks to its composition the product harmonises in a simple and excellent way the functioning of the body, it cleans the digestive system, and it supplies it with the nutrients needed.

SIPEX is simply the modern transcript of natural nutrition, in the form that corresponds to our age.

It may be used easily and quickly for developing a healthy lifestyle.

During the past 10 years many acquaintances of mine (close to 50 people), sportsmen, friends, family members tried it and observed it, and were satisfied with its benevolent effects. (Even sceptic people observed changes in their feeling of comfort.)

The observed changes:

Actually the process leading to the introduction of the product to the market was driven by the extremely lots of positive feedbacks and urging received.

SIPEX Is not a medicine and it is not a medicinal preparation!
It does not promise recuperation or any other therapeutic effect, since this is not its purpose.

Hopefully it will show a way and it will provide assistance to the people, in spite of the wide diversity of their lifestyles.

Wishing you a Successful and Happy New Life,
Tamás Sólyom Sipos